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Fun and games with UTCs May 25, 2005

Posted by Leita in Flotsam/Jetsam.

UTCs I’d like to visit:

[UTC-08:00] America/Dawson-Creek – I never watch the show, but I’d like to go there anyway.

[UTC+12:00] Anartica/South Pole – Is there anyone down there writing blogs? If so, send me a note.

[UTC+12:00] Pacific/Fiji – Here’s where the South Pole folks should vacation, same UTC (Road trip, anyone?)

[UTC+07:00] Indian/Christmas – The merriest of time zones

At the top of the list:

[UTC+14:00] – Pacific/Kiritimati

And at the bottom:

[UTC-12:00] ETC/GMT+12 – Surely there’s someone down there?

[UTC-00:00] Zulu – Riding down the middle of time zone road.

Next time you need to set your time zone, take a moment and scan through those codes. Vienna and Rome, Australia and New Zealand…as the song says, it’s a big o’ goofy world.



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