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Hurricane Dennis comes to visit July 9, 2005

Posted by Leita in Hurricane, Southern Living.

I live in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, about halfway between Ft. Walton and Panama City. I left town last year when Hurricane Ivan pointed its eye just west of here. I started out driving to Montgomery and wound up in Chicago. My thought: if I have to uproot my life for Mother Nature and evacuate then I don’t want to feel even a breeze. It worked. Illinois was lovely in September. After getting stuck in traffic on Lakeshore Drive (I could’ve stayed on I-10 for that) and experiencing a medium-to-severe panic attack, I headed back south to the beach. When it’s not blowing a gale and I’m battening hatches, I’d much rather be here than in a Holiday Inn Select located on a freeway offramp. (Is that a real word, “offramp?”) The windows are boarded up, the tub filled with flushing water and the doggies have enough chew toys to keep them distracted when the storm arrives. One huge tree with an ominous lean toward the kitchen window is half gone as of Thursday. The top is currently killing the grass in the front yard. I figured it was safer to leave it intact rather than chop it up and have it impale itself through the house in itsy bitsy pieces. We’ll see if that decision was inspired or idiotic. Either way, it looks like I’ve decorated for the storm. A pre-hurricane look I’m hoping Southern Living Magazine will showcase during an upcoming “Homes of Hell” feature. The treefrogs are hanging out by the front door. I think they’re waiting for a chance to hop inside. I told them they’re welcome to hang out with me. Maybe if I looked like a bouncer at a fancy club they might be more inclined to enter. Then again, the dogs were giving them the yummy look. I think they’re better off fighting off the sawed off tree branches. The local news, both stations, are pulling out all the dirty obvious tricks. To see one of them live, go to http://wmbb.com. Just in time for Dennis, they turned on the streaming live video. If that wasn’t enough to hold a viewer audience, they installed a “Titan” radar thingie that is surprisingly new and actually informative with models of the hell we’ll be facing later tonight and tomorrow. “Live streaming vidio all over the world!” says the anchor people. They’re digging on the “new” technology. Sitting in the middle of it, I can look out the window and see plenty of info. For now, a cruise down County Road 30-A is refreshingly quiet. Not surprising since the little road is right on the gulf. Franks Hardware was still open this afternoon, one employee working (I think this was the official Frank) who offered to add my gotta-have supplies on his list when he headed to the Panama City’s Home Depot later that day. The only item I was missing was a working tub plug. Needing a tub plug during a major emergency is right up there with needing a price check on tampons. It’s just not worth the bother, emotionally speaking. At the moment, there’s a Pringle’s lid sitting on the tub rim, waiting for deployment and a note Sharpied on the dining room window: Hurricane Dennis.. boarded up, staying home. UPDATE: Sunday @ noon. It’s official. I’ve received storm damage from Hurricane Dennis: First branch down thanks to Hurricane Dennis. And here I wait, pic courtesy of http://wmbb.com. Weather radar image from wmbb.com



1. JPT - July 13, 2005

Hey, nice toes.

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