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Aurora spyware July 13, 2005

Posted by Leita in Internet.

My email to an Illinois attorney regarding his lawsuit against Better Internet LLC: Dear Mr. Fish: I am a computer consultant who has spent the past four hours trying to uninstall the Betterinternet/Aurora spyware from a client’s computer and found your email address posted at netrn.net. When time permits, I will download the pdf file and read the details but in the meantime I am writing to see if there are any updates to this file located at courtbriefs.com. It will take an estimated 6 hours to remove this program from my client’s computer and I’d like to see Better Internet, LLC contact@abetterinternet.com lawfully obligated to repay her for the billable hours I will be charging her. There’s also the time lost–hers for not being able to use her computer to mind her online store and my own for holding up a substantial project I have due (now overdue) for a Chicago firm. I am sure you agree this is not just a typical malware nuisance. If my experience with this damaging software can be of help let me know what you need and whether the pdf file is current and accurate. Thank you for your efforts and good luck; this is a ludicrous way to spend a workday. Leita Santa Rosa Beach, Florida leita at sparktown dot com http://sparktown.com ———————– Mr. Fish’s reply:————— Thanks for your email. Did you or your client ever consent (through any type of license agreement or otherwise) to DirectRevenue or BetterInternet installing software or files on your computer? Did the Software or advertisements somehow impact your client’s computer usage or damage the computer? If so, how? Were you able to get the software off of the computer? If so, how much time was spent doing so? What have you done to try to get rid of the software? Do you have much experience with computers? Please detail your experience. Also, we are collecting statements from people, even if they are not located in Illinois. Would you mind if I sent you a statement to sign about your experience? David Fish The Collins Law Firm, P.C. 1770 North Park Street, Suite 200 Naperville, Illinois 60563 http://www.collinslaw.com —————-and another: Thank you for taking the time to explain how you were impacted. It is people like you who are willing to stand up and complain that will help make a difference! I attached a declaration for you to review and sign. Please be sure that everything in it is accurate before signing. If you would like, I can mail you a self addressed stamped envelope. Please fax (630) 527-1193 or mail back to me: Thanks so much for your help! David Fish The Collins Law Firm, P.C. 1770 North Park Street, Suite 200 Naperville, Illinois 60563 http://www.collinslaw.com



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