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Switching to CMS July 19, 2005

Posted by Leita in CMS, Internet.

I have been blogging on Blogger since August, 2002. It was just a sprout of a company back then, long before Google wisely snapped it up and added it to their growing arsenal of web thingies. While searching for the best CMS for a client, I tested several–some open source, others for a fee–and decided on Mambo. Since I’d never messed with php much except for forum setups, learning Mamboese wasn’t a cake walk, but it was tasty. I created one on my own space to test–I’d much rather crash my own site than someone else’s–and found myself finally building a site for myself. As I’ve mentioned before, advertising my own services is near the bottom of my priority totem pole, right below cleaning out the fridge and right above … hmm.. I can’t think of anything at the moment. My own site has always been sparse; there’s no information about what I do and if anyone needs information they either get it word-of-mouth or via email. Now, I actually have a little site built with Mambo. I can’t put a finger on exactly why I like Mambo over all the others, but I do. Probably the name since I like to dance. Plus it’s a happy name and I am happy by nature when I’m not pissed. The point is, I am moving this blog from here to there. A few months ago I lost all my old posts to a server crash which still ticks me off (when I’m not feeling happy by nature, of course) so it’ll be as sparse as this one until I get a few years’ posts written. But, if I give it proper attention, perhaps it’ll be more than just a personal blog. Go take a peek and let me know what you think. While it’s being built, you’ll need to register to see everything going on in there. I don’t do anything with the names–heck, put in a fake email addy if you like–and you won’t get [fwd:] emails from me with Today’s Joke. I do not mass mail a Sparktown Newsletter because I think they’re kind of dumb and I’ve never joined one that I really liked so I’ll never subject anyone to anything so ..zzzz. But I do like knowing there’s someone out there watching and reading. Who knows? I might even post something important or amusing. It’s what happy people do when they’re not pissed and at the moment, I’m pretty happy with CMS.



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