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Free iPod, No Malware, yep, it’s legit August 18, 2005

Posted by Leita in Flotsam/Jetsam.

As pleased as I am with popup blockers, occasionally one slips through the cracks. Lately, they’ve been shouting “Win a Free iPod” but since it’s a nasty popup, I ignore them.

Not that I wouldn’t like an iPod. In fact, I almost bought one last weekend but stopped after spying some nice flat screen tvs beckoning from the other side of the store. Grrr, decisions, decisions. I left with nary a toy.

So, today I’m talking to someone who really did get a free iPod without ruining his computer or depleting his bank account and I spotted a blog from another guy who also won one from this site. I clicked and cringed, waiting for the malware but it was clean and legit.

It’s a three-step process but the third step is the doozy. Register with nice boxes to click to not get junk mail, click one of the offers (most are credit cards but there was one Rhapsody/Music and hey, I could always use more music and HEY, it only cost .99-cents to join and 9.99 every month after unless I quit so I clicked).

The last task is to invite five friends to click a link they give you (mine is above.. please use it if you want to do this so we can both get a toy). The link can be emailed, stuck in a site, etc. Those five friends also have to sign up for one of their offers. Sounds easy enough, right? Yep, it is.

After that, you’re done and completed all the requirements. Plug in and enjoy. Since I’ve just now signed up, I don’t know how much junk snail mail I’ll get but there is a link that appears to be an opt-out.

Give it a click and send me a note when you get your iPod.

Good Luck!



1. kristian92sammy - August 25, 2005

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