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I am not alone.. am I? September 27, 2005

Posted by Leita in Wordpress.com.

Is there anyone else brand new to wordpress.com, futzing with their blog and feeling like the new guy/gal in town? There is a community feel here I didn’t expect and I’d like to get to know some other people who are new, too.

C’mon, click the comment link and introduce yourself while I poke around and read the other blogs. Send me a link to yours and I’ll come by for a visit.



1. craig - September 27, 2005

*hugs* welcome. Thanks for stopping by mine. I’ve added you to my list. :) Oh, email as I type this! Careful or you’ll get yourself blogrolled too :P Maybe I should make my girlie list a blogroll… hmm…nah, just for you. ;)
I’m sure you’ll have all the WordPress.com guys swooning in no time. Keep posting away. Love your style so far.

2. Leita - September 27, 2005

Craig, you will forever be my Very First wordpress.com comment.

Thanks, puddin’!

3. craig - September 27, 2005

Your most welcome. I have comments back at my blog waiting for you Sparky.

4. Tycho - September 27, 2005

Leita, I’m totally new at this as well, and still definitely fumbling around. I’ll try and keep at it, and hopefully one day it’ll all make sense… :)

5. Leita - September 27, 2005

Tycho, please do keep at it, based on your photos it looks like we’re neighbors. :)

6. Mikey - September 28, 2005

You’ve already stopped my joint. Thanks for the comment. I’m sure you aced the “Why?” test. Good answer.

You may be new, but at least you actually know how to get an image up. I’m still struggling with that. You’ll notice my blog is 100% image free a this point. Working on that.

Welcome to town, though. Look forward to reading your stuff.

7. Leita - September 28, 2005

Thanks Mikey, I’ll be visiting you again soon.

Adding images has been dogging me, too. If I upload them here they seem to appear as long as I don’t try adding borders and such via the Image Editor. If I link them in from my own server–which I’d rather do to save wordpress a little space–they come and go.

I’m good with that, I’ll just add them as needed for posts but that doesn’t help when trying to add an image in my About page. I tried but images hosted on my server turn into pizza boxes here and there is no handy Image Uploader in Write Page yet.

I figured out a goofy way of putting an image in my About page. Maybe this will help you, too.

I opened a New Post, uploaded the image I wanted to use, saved the post as a Draft and added the resulting image url where I really wanted it to go then deleted the Draft page. Eureka, image viewable!

Something else: My text is butting up against the images so I’ll add a little white border to them before uploading so they’ll look padded.

So far it is working (fingers crossed). If you come up with an easier/faster way let me know.


8. kristine - September 29, 2005

I’m new as well, both to blogging and to wordpress, and I’m certainly feeling like “the new girl in town”… I haven’t managed to have any major mishaps on my blog yet, it’s probably a good thing that they don’t let you play with the templates..

9. Sian - October 1, 2005

I’m totally futzing around and you are right, there is definately a community feel about being on here, I’ve been commenting on this to Lorelle and Craig.

10. unschemed - October 3, 2005

I just opened my first blog a few hours ago here at wordpress and this looks pretty nice, although like everyone else, I want to mess with my template…

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