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How to Avoid Registering *Everywhere* September 30, 2005

Posted by Leita in Internet.

Source: eHow

Tired of sites that force you to create an account just to read a news story or check the weather? eHow explains how to login without filling out forms and giving out email addresses.

Using BugMeNot, you skip registering at free sites such as New York Times.

  • Test out BugMeNot by going to the login page on a website that has compulsory registration such as the New York Times or Los Angeles Times.
  • Open a new browser window and enter BugMeNot.com.
  • Copy and paste the URL of the restricted website into Bug Me Not and it will generate a user name and password.

Firefox users can take advantage of this extension that allows right-clicking into the User Name field.





1. Lorelle VanFossen - September 30, 2005

Brilliant!!!!! Give us more like this. I love it.


2. Sian - October 1, 2005

This is interesting! I’ve got accounts dotted across the Internet with only a small few that I actually use. I’m definately checking out this product especially as it’s available as a Firefox add-on.

3. craig - October 1, 2005

I keep thinking I need one of these… but when I had one I never used it. lol.
Old habits die hard.

4. Leita - October 1, 2005

I wish I’d had this back when I was working on a Mambo site. Every single tip or support site required registering, clicking the confirmation email, login…blah, blah, blah just to read one or two articles or download a component.

Even then I doubt I would’ve used BugMeNot, but the extension? Yeah, even I’ll remember to right-click if it’ll save me from registering at sites I rarely visit.

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