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Mmmm.. Scuppernongs In Season September 30, 2005

Posted by Leita in Southern Living.

Like the arrival of the first cold tepid front, scuppernongs in the grocery store means autumn is almost here. The electric co-op can soon cease sending statements that have me rushing to turn off every light gadget and gizmo in the house.

What? Never heard of scuppernongs? I can fix that while fixing breakfast.

Scuppernongs, a kissin’-close cousin of the muscadine grape grows wild down here and could rightly be listed as the official Southern Fruit that Fed the Depression. Looking just like oversized round grapes, they are ready for picking in late summer/early fall.

Scuppernongs are made into wine, preserves, jellies, jams, impromptu cousin bombs and taste good right off the vine. They are abundant on most roadsides here if the kudzu doesn’t smother them.

Next time I visit the local farmer’s market I’ll buy some and upload an image. I need to go anyway; the ornamental gourds are in season. Did you know rubbing gourd bumps ensures a season of good luck?



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