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Fascinating Comment Spam? October 3, 2005

Posted by Leita in Internet.

Are marketing firms eyeing personal blogs as the next advertising frontier? Judge for yourself.

Plasticbag author Tom Coates details his investigation of an unusual comment spam left by, well, Cillit Bang in response to Coates’ post about his relationship with his father.


And then I got a comment from a man called Barry Scott. The comment read as follows:

“Hi Tom, Always remember one thing. Life is very, very short and nothing is worth limiting yourself from seeing the ones you love. I hadn’t seen my father in 15 years until 2 years ago. I was apprehensive but I kept telling myself that no matter how estranged we’d become there was no river to wide to cross. Drop me a line if I can be of any more help. Cheers, Barry”

Sounds fine, doesn’t it? Except that ‘Barry Scott’ isn’t a real person – he’s a marketing vehicle for a brand called Cillit Bang and his weblog is a barely disguised viral marketing platform for the product.

Choate is still digging to find the “real” Barry Scott.



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