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Invites to 30gigs.com Available October 7, 2005

Posted by Leita in Internet.

Abdul posted a link to a site with 10K 30gigs.com invites. It took a whole three minutes to sign up and it does work.

Screenshot of 30gigs main page:

screenshot of 30gigs.com main mail pageThere are no bells, whistles, ponies or tricks available.. not yet, anyway. Attachment file size is limited to two megabytes. Folks who like their emails with pink bunny backgrounds and obscure fonts will be disappointed and need to stop that foolishness, anyway.

Why bother when there’s gmail? For me, it’s paranoia. Six months ago I lost an old site I’d had for years when the hosting company went belly up. Of course, my laptop also died and I lost gigs of work and posts and images. I’ll never let that happen again and storing online is much faster than burning CDs that I lose, scratch or the dog eats. (What can I say, the pooch likes her plastic.) Plus, large WordPress.org sites can use the space for site backups (nifty how-to located at LifeHut).

Whatever the reason, even if you’re just hooked on snagging those illusive invites, go for it.



1. wellwisher - October 10, 2005

Your post made me smile, blush a little, even, as I recognised that too famiiar paranoia – I registered at 30gig.com after already registering at mailnation.org (One Terabyte, they say!) But, like yourself, I did it for the very good reasons of web safety and personal sanity.

2. Leita - October 10, 2005

Wellwisher runs one of the sweetest-natured sites I’ve seen in.. well, maybe never. I popped in for a peek and left five pounds lighter. How many blogs can do that? :)

3. Nababa - October 15, 2005

Hi to all!
Please send me a 30gigs.com invite



4. dai - October 23, 2005

lam on di ma cac bac

5. toi day - October 23, 2005

lam on hay giup toi voi hay cho toi
a 30gigs.com invite

6. Leita - October 23, 2005

dai and toi, aka “The Same Person,” why do you send me two comments full of gibberish? Silly me for being such a curious soul.

7. toi day - October 24, 2005

di ma

8. Leita - October 25, 2005

Egad. “I gave…. ma?” Mother? WTF?

I’ll give a 30gig invite to the person who can correctly explain exactly what these comments mean and the language used. Assume the obvious; this person clearly (cough) wants an invite. Add a clever comment to the translation and I’ll throw in a wordpress invite, too.

af - November 16, 2010

please send to me 30 gigs invitation
thanks, i am waiting…

9. anand - October 25, 2005

i want 30gig invites

10. Leita - October 26, 2005

You didn’t read the comment preceeding yours. Try again.

11. equifax credit report - May 23, 2006

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12. thary - November 1, 2006

i want it really.

13. thary - November 1, 2006

please give me 30gig.

14. Andrew Flicker P.T. - January 2, 2007

Hey Andrew in NYC needs an invite from a generous soul
Happy New Year!

15. shyam - April 16, 2007

Please send me a 30gigs.com invite

16. Anonymous - July 4, 2007

hypnotism stop smoking

stop smoking in one hour

17. Gerald - July 17, 2007

I too was excited about 30 gigs, until I can;t get on the site or even my mail. someone should fix this problem.

18. radhikaa - August 16, 2007

plz make radiff id

19. radhikaa - August 16, 2007

i m ron56

20. mak - November 20, 2007

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me a 30gigs invitation. i`m waiting…..

21. ree - March 23, 2008

i want 30-gigs

22. Arun Gupta - June 5, 2008

Hi, could you please send me an invite for 30gigs, i have already registered for this, but i ahve lost my id and password, so need to be invited again.
Thanks in anticipation.
Kind regards,

23. af - November 16, 2010

please send a 30 gigs invitation for me

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