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Best Path to SEO Success? WordPress.com/.org October 10, 2005

Posted by Leita in Internet, Wordpress.com, Wordpress.org.

Less than a month has passed since my first post here (dated Sept. 26) and hits from Google and MSN searches are starting to appear regularly in my referrer log even though I didn’t do a thing but post a little.

I never submitted this blog to Dmoz, Sitemap, Technorati or the Dorky Blondes Web Ring. Nor have I sent a link to my friends, my family, my primary physician or the local newspaper. The Chamber of Commerce does not know this blog exists nor does my favorite coffee shop (Miss Lucille’s Gossip Parlor, corner of 393 and Hwy 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida).

Due to the nature of wordpress.com I cannot tinker with metas, robots.txt or any of the usual suspects to increase the chances of getting listed on page 521 in some obscure search engine. All I can do is post on occasion and forget the rest.

I have another blog in addition to this one–don’t we all? Old in blog years, it’s been around for awhile and is even less coherent than this one. I switched it over to WordPress (org) a few months ago and the result was similar: unique visitors from search engine results increased substantially after a couple weeks and I didn’t do anything but add it to the Technorati blog list.

Given all that, could WordPress—rhetorically speaking–in all its manifestations be the SEO Holy Grail? I am beginning to believe it might be a combination of Word Press and Google’s blog search function.

What does this mean? For me, not much, this is pure hobby. But for those who wish to become famous–or infamous–or make a little pocket money I believe the best SEO tool is right here.



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2. fred333 - December 10, 2007

I would have to agree.

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