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A Birthday Eve Chipin October 16, 2005

Posted by Leita in Florida, Life in the Woods, Southern Living.

How many people can say they get a Chipin for their birthday? Not many, I wager. A Chipin is a chihuahua-miniature pincher combo and this particular one is eight weeks of alpha female attitude. I’ll post a photo of her tonight or tomorrow after she’s settled into her new home.

My jungle garden In the meantime, here is a photo of my front yard, aka the Jungle Garden. Already broken in by Mike the border collie and Bunny, the American bulldog, it is canine heaven here in the woods. Thibodeaux (yep, I’ve already given her a name) should have a glorious life here in the woods, unless she gets lost under the vegetation or kidnapped by a palmetto bug.

Thibodeaux won’t be the runt of this pack; she’ll have two kittens, Deuce and Smudge waiting to kick her puppy ass. I caught them working on a plan to take her out just this morning.



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