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Skype Trojan October 19, 2005

Posted by Leita in Internet.

The title got my attention but it wasn’t what I feared.

According to the Skype blog, emails w/ the IRCbot trojan attached are starting to appear in inboxes, similar to bogus emails that have been going around for years from eBay and PayPal. The email subject goes something like this: ‘Hello. We’re Skype and we’ve got something we would like to share with…; Share Skype.; Skype for Windows 1.4; Skype for Windows 1.4 – Have you got the new Skype?; What is Skype?’

From the Skype blog:

Skype never sends software updates by e-mail. We do send information about your orders if you bought something from us, and we send newsletters and survey invitations, if you opted in to receive Skype e-mail when you registered your Skype Name, but that’s it. So if you receive a software update e-mail from Skype, please delete it, and tell others to do the same.

Seems silly to remind anyone not to click on links in an email or IM no matter how legit they look, but until I stop making steady pay cleaning up other people’s crap-ridden computers, I’ll keep posting.



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