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WordPressing Ajax with BloxPress Theme November 6, 2005

Posted by Leita in CMS, Design, Internet, Wordpress.org.

.. or rather, Ajaxing WordPress … with a theme no less!

I like to call it featureability, or futureability.. I can’t decide and should the “e” be there or not?

No matter, I almost missed this one. Posted in WordPress Planet and not quite ready for beta testing, I am hankering to play with bloxpress, a modular ajaxy WordPress theme. It sounds like a cms/ajax hybrid, something I’ve always wanted since (happily) switching from Mambo to WordPress.*

Think Google’s personalized option or Microsoft’s live.com; nothing makes me grin bigger than my cursor turning into one of those multi-directional crossy things.

The modules of a standard CMS should be mouse-moveable. So should side bar items. In fact, everything should be moveable if for no other reason than to save the general public from weekend “webmasters.”

Straight from the site, here are the goodies (source: bloxpress):

  • Complete Drag and Drop Front-end
  • Users can customize your Blog the way they like and save it.
  • Multi-site modular design (users can take custom layouts and settings everywhere)
  • Unlimited number of blocks and columns. Choose if you like to have 2, 3 or X column layout
  • Search-As-You-Type, Live Comments and on demand loading of Content (AJAX)
  • New and easy template tags to customize your BloxPress.
  • Create layouts and make them selectable to your visitors
  • Adding Blox is easy as coding. Just drop them into the folder and add them to your preset
  • Users without Javascript are served too! Fit-to-viewer, from LYNX to IE7
  • XHTML valid

That’s a lot of doodads for a theme.

* Reasons why I made the switch from Mambo to WordPress.org:

  • Faster setup (minutes instead of hours and hours and hoursszzzz…)
  • Better SEO – Don’t believe Google thinks WordPress sites get noticed faster than Mambo? Do what I did and try both with brand new domain names, identical content and see which one gets the most unique users and where they come from. It’s amazing.
  • A default Mambo is thick/heavy/overloaded for most sites. The only feature I really miss is front page management. I liked the option of not listing new content up front if I felt the site looked better if it was placed in a category.
  • Plugins galore – easy to install, easy to edit, just plain easier than futzing with components, mambots, modules and templates (although once the learning curve is crested, it does get easier and even enjoyable in a “Poking my eye with my finger feels good” kind of way.

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1. Herbe - January 22, 2006

Tnx for leading me to this wonderful tip!
I was looking for a long time for a Ajaxian theme for WordPress …

Greetings from the Netherlands!


2. Anonymous - August 4, 2007

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