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Paris Riots Quieted by Curfew – France’s Version of Emergency Response No Better than Ours November 8, 2005

Posted by Leita in News.

PARIS, Nov. 8 — The French Cabinet Tuesday authorized local officials to impose curfews in an effort to halt the riots that have inflamed poor neighborhoods in the Paris suburbs and 300 towns across the nation for the last 12 days.

Source: Washington PostFrench Cabinet Authorizes Curfews Amid 12 Days of Violence

Four words: It’s About Damn Time. Add a few more: why are rioters arrested and released a few hours later and why do local officials need permission to impose curfews? It all reminds me of our own government’s distracted reaction to the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina.

“The intensity of this violence is on the way down,” national police chief Michel Gaudin said. He said there were “much fewer” attacks on public buildings and fewer direct clashes between youths and police. He said rioting was reported in 226 towns across France, compared to nearly 300 the night before, the Associated Press reported.

You’re doing a fine job, Monsieur Brun… err Gaudin.

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1. hannah mayer - August 31, 2006

just because they impose a curfew, doesn’t mean that they are going to follow it. And if you take someone on, only to release them later, who’s to say they won’t do it again?

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