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Washington Responds to Bad Intelligence Reports: “Na Na Na Na Na Naaa!” November 11, 2005

Posted by Leita in Flotsam/Jetsam, Government, News, Politics.

In The News:
“Federal investigations revealed lying sources, fragmented information and unwarranted analysis led to the most damaging intelligence failures in U.S. history.”

The responses:

Democrats: “Stupid Republicans; look what you did!”

Republicans: “I know you are but what am I?”

Democrats: “Y’all suck.”

Republicans: “Y’all suck more, donkeybutts.”

The U.S. Public: “Who’d y’all get to screw up and why aren’t they gettin’ fried?”

Republicans and Democrats: “Y’all stay out of it. None of your business.”

Senator Kennedy: “Leave the public alone. They should know it was pure, unadulterated fear-mongering, based on a devious strategy to convince the American people that Saddam’s ability to provide nuclear weapons to al Qaeda justified immediate war.”

The U.S. Public: “Oh. Okay.”

Republicans: “Don’t listen to him! He’s lying! He wasn’t even there!”

Cindy Sheehan: “Can I play, too?”

Republicans: “Aw, hell. Who invited HER?”

World Leaders: “$44 billion for lies and blunders? Stupid Americans. We’re upping the rent on your secret clubhouses.”

Republicans and Democrats: “Who asked you? Y’all suck.”

The Media: “Yep. Bullshit ain’t cheap. Try crying and hollering at the cameras, instead. Works for us.”

Republicans: “Y’all suck, too.”

Pat Robertson: “Don’t come praying for my help when y’all get in trouble. I told God you all suck and he believed me.”

All: “Shut UP, Pat.”



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