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Growing Up Down South … November 15, 2005

Posted by Leita in Life in the Woods, Southern Living.

…where snapping a gooey wad of Bazooka resulted in a run from the switch or fly swatter, but snapping peas on the front porch was neighborly entertainment.

…where all the grandbabies begged Granny to tell us once more about the first time she wrung a chicken’s neck. (Just a child, her first attempt ended with her mother chasing after the poor hen and its half-foot long neck).

…where Mama fed her children from the kitchen table while Daddy was served at the breakfast table. Even Daddy didn’t eat in the dining room, that was for company. I have no idea why we needed three eating areas.

…where grapes were for jam, scuppernongs for wine and wisteria’s job was testing children for allergic reactions to bee stings.

…where if your family was too proud to produce at least one Bubba, chances are a cousin would marry one.

…or a Yankee, which was a big step up from a Bubba.

…where beachfront homes fell into two categories, small shacks on pilings built to blow away in a hurricane or pre-Civil War antebellums built to last anything Nature blew. Almost.



1. Patrick - November 17, 2005

Growing up in Ioway:

“Museum” being a word signifying putting on too many airs, we used “center” or “exhibit.”

“Dinner” was the noon meal, and “supper” the evening. An afternoon snack of chicken salad sandwiches, pie, and lemonade or iced tea was de riguer on hay-baling days.

The first warm days in May were occasion for morel-hunting. Wash ’em, dip in egg wash, roll in cracker crumbs, fry in butter.

Shelled peas were dropped into aprons slung between knees on the front porch. Strawberry shortcake was a given.

Air conditioning was a rumor from Town. How to stay cool in summer: plop your ass down on top of the ice cream freezer while someone else turned the crank.

I could go on and on.

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