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Spellcheck Wordpress Posts in Firefox November 17, 2005

Posted by Leita in Browsers, Internet, Wordpress.com.


Finally, an easy way to spellcheck WordPress.com posts on-the-fly (not to mention wordpress.org–the spellcheck plugins available work great but are bloaty and slow). No more battling MS Word’s weird curly quotes and insane hidden formatting code that destroys the most simple of paragraphs just to perform a basic spell check.

How To Set It Up:

It takes two downloads for this to work. The dictionary to use with Spellbound is located at Dictionaries for Mozilla. Click your favorite language(s) and install. Most Firefox users shouldn’t have to tinker with the install, but just in case, instructions are included on the same page. Firefox will ask for the usual permission, of course.

Then go to the Spellbound install page, enter in the correct information, click and restart Firefox.

Update: The spell-checker works great in Firefox but will not install in Flock and wouldn’t it be nice if the Flock blog post feature had a simple spell-checker (not to mention a way to edit code directly)? Sheesh, the flocksucks.wordpress.com folks just gained another supporter.

How to Use It

To use, type into any input box (such as a Write Post); right-click and a new option “check spelling” will show up. When using for the first time, be sure and click the Language dropdown and select your favorite language, otherwise the spellchecker will indicate no spelling errors.

That’s it!

Cheers to addons that’ll make more blogs look intelligent and cheers to posts that’ll make our grade school teachers proud.

Source: LifeHacker (other nifty tools listed, worth clicking)

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