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New WordPress.com Themes November 29, 2005

Posted by Leita in Design, Internet, Wordpress.com.

The three new themes for WordPress.com look great but because of minor details I’ll probably revert back to the default Kubrick.

Neat! 0.01 is just that except for the dark blue border around images that reminds me of old sites built with Front Page themes. If I don’t include images with links that’ll work around that slight irritation. Also, the blog title isn’t included in the header.

wp theme Toni with white linesRegulus 1 combines all the Link Categories into one long, messy sidebar scroll and the images I use for Today’s Surf disappear. Dammit, this one was my favorite, too.

Toni 1.0 isn’t my favorite visually, reminding me of the original wordpress theme in blue. The Categories list has an out-of-place white bar where the category children could be, but they’re not which looks.. well, here’s a screenshot:

If anyone knows a workaround for these nitpicky reasons why I’ll be returning to Kubrick, I’m all ears.



1. bacrito - December 8, 2006

I appreciated your post because I have just spent what seems like hours trying to decide on a theme that works for me – and I have virtually no content yet! Why does it have to be so hard?
But so far I like Sapphire by Michael Martine the best. Now if only his other theme (“Autumn Street”) were available for WordPress.com I’d be very very happy. (If there’s some way to add external themes to the free WordPress.com accounts, I haven’t figured it out yet.)

2. wolf693 - March 11, 2007

I would just return to Kubrick. It’s simple and good looking too. I didn’t return but I’m still thinking about it. Now if only I could figure out how to load the 30 or so WordPress.com themes that are still sitting on my hard drive onto my blog…

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