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Mandatory Testing for Commenters December 16, 2005

Posted by Leita in Flotsam/Jetsam, Internet, Life in the Woods, News, Southern Living.

.. And why I believe everyone should be required to pass a test before clicking that Submit button:

News story, last paragraph:

The boy remains in the detention center. But his mother is desperately working to get him out. She says even though there are those speaking out against him, many are also realizing this was just an awful teenage mistake and support her son.

First comment:

IP: Logged
Posted: 12/16 4:03a

Really I think your child didn’t do nothing wrong the other 2 kids took his gun and went and did some wrong things with the gun and yes they should be lock up for it but u know how the systems work everybody don’t get in trouble for some of there wrong doing everybody know how it is and for d people that threating your son handle that because I got a child to and aint nobody going to threat mines because Im d mother and dad

There are simply not enough [sic]s in the world to explain this one.



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