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How to Exercise by Dancing in Stilettos January 13, 2006

Posted by Leita in Flotsam/Jetsam, Health, News.

Elle's heelsA quick peek into my stats revealed several visits from women searching for information about dancing in high heels. (High heels, Elle on Heels, heh.) It’s only polite to give them something for their time, right?

Even though I am not officially posting to this blog any longer, I came back to address these visitors and welcome them with the following:

How to Dance in High Heels and Stilettos

  1. Shut the fridge door
  2. Turn off the television
  3. Put on some snappy music
  4. Put on some snappy heels
  5. Start dancing

Seriously, how hard can this be? Not to be snarky, but I am curious. Is the Kirsty Alley method of losing one’s ass something that has to be learned or is it just a matter of get up and start moving?

I do have my own routine, it’s not quite the same but similar.

My version

All of the above, plus:

  1. Add a sandy beach
  2. And a couple drinks

My version, while a little unorthodox, works faster and my ass is quarter-bouncing firm.




1. Wistful Mister - February 4, 2006


That winsome ass haunts my dreams.

2. Rita Mwaikinda - July 22, 2006

lol… i don’t think its about losing weight, i think its actually about DANCING in heels… as in, I can walk in heels for lets say quite some time. But after like 2 minutes dancing in heels, my feet hurt even more!! i have to switch into flats lol and it doesn’t help, having to watch stars such as Ciara and Beyonce prancing around like they’re barefooted, doing these amazing moves and jumps… in HEELS…
so, i think its all about the tolerance and practising the endurance factor. But how to star, how to start???!!! I bought theeee most beautiful heels, that i cant even get to the front door in lol, but i had to have them when i saw them. How do i learn to use them, better yet bust a move in them? lol

im pretty lady like. In fact, I’m quite the little princess…
if ONLY i could get the heel aspect down pat. :S

3. debirah holland - October 13, 2006

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7. Brytney - March 2, 2008

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8. Fielding - May 6, 2009

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9. Shoes glorious shoes! Why do we love them so? « A Typical Atypical - June 22, 2009

[…] all up the back of my legs, as all those sets of muscles I never knew I had get to work. Try some dancing in stillettos to see the real effects (not my lazy half decent walking!). Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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12. Aleksiikap - September 12, 2015

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